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The situation so far

It’s been six weeks since the start of the Covid-19 social distancing and lockdown measures were introduced in the UK. Put in place to support our NHS deal with the crisis, many businesses have shut down as part of the nationwide effort to slow the spread of the virus. Social distancing and self-isolation is key to flattening the curve of infection, preventing a spike in cases and additional strain on the NHS. These measures need to be strictly adhered to if we are to come out of this crisis and prevent more lives being lost. However, what happens to businesses currently trying to remain open for business in this situation?

What can you do?

Employers and businesses may have concerns about how they can remain open for business safely. All employees should be encouraged to work from home in the first instance, unless it is impossible for them to do so.

For those businesses remaining open, it is imperative that employees are made aware of actions being taken to reduce the risk of exposure to coronavirus and how they can keep themselves safe during this time. It is also vital that customers are made aware of how to stay safe when shopping with you. Visual reminders, such as banners, floor vinyl stickers and signage, can be implemented within your premises to convey these vital instructions to employees and customers, and that’s where Ganesha Graphics can support you.

What can we do?

Ganesha Graphics has put together a brochure of our products available for you to purchase. These can support your company in implementing visual markers to ensure the safety of your employees and customers.

E-mail us with any enquiries regarding our product range, or any additional support you may require.

Don’t forget, we are here for any and all businesses during this time through print & design.

Check out our brochure to see what we offer below.

COVID-19 safety materials – brochure

Click here for government guidelines on Covid-19, both in and out of the workplace

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