Cooper’s Concoctions

Bath bombs & Skincare - Success from Ganesha Graphics

Bath bombs & Skincare – Success story from Ganesha Graphics

Our History

Mr Cooper approached us regarding a new business he wanted to start in 2018. His business was in the early days of making bath bombs, skin care and other cosmetics suitable for those with sensitive skin without the massive price tag. Henry wanted a simple branding result which was bright, bubbly and profession – just like him! Due to the care we take with every customer’s brand his business has come leaps and bounds in the last 2 years and become a real success story from Ganesha Graphics.

Bath bombs & Skincare - Success from Ganesha Graphics

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“Ganesha graphics helped me take the ideas I had for my business and bring them to life. Professional, concise and with little waiting time, I couldn’t have been more pleased. No detail was too minute to focus on and every critique or question I had was answered quickly. Would highly recommend”


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